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User Interfaces

User Interfaces

The right client for every business scenario.

Developed for people.

When we develop applications we always focus on intuitive operation and user convenience. Despite the fact that applications are becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted, we never lose sight of user requirements.

user friendly

nscale Web

Our solution for modern web-based working is called nscale Web. The intuitive user interface offers you a comprehensive range of options – from content publication via context menus, drag and drop content saving, the nscale news channel and a flexible user interface to intuitive workflows and support of nscale collaboration functions. Here are the nscale Web highlights:

  • Location-independent access via web browser
  • Free and individually configurable user interface
  • Quick document preview
  • No installation necessary

nscale Cockpit

nscale Cockpit is designed for use at local workstations. When we developed it we focused on intuitive operation and user friendliness. It ensures access to data and documents on the nscale information platform and use of the full range of functions at all times. nscale Cockpit has a modern and fresh interface design and a range of tools for flexible adaptation to enterprise-specific scenarios.

nscale Explorer

nscale Explorer is integrated in Microsoft Windows Explorer, offering familiar access and an uncomplicated way to work with your data and documents that you manage with the nscale system.

nscale Office

Simple, quick, hassle-free working is guaranteed with all the MS Office add-ins – delivering important added value to the user. User familiarity with MS Office eliminates the need for training and the associated costs.

nscale Mobile

scale Mobile is our innovative user interface for mobile devices. It gives mobile users independent and flexible access to the nscale information platform – anywhere, anytime.

Simple, modern, digital working.

We offer you opportunities to use the new system profitably without having to make significant changes to user workflows. You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our clients!