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Saving electronic documents and preserving their evidentiary value in accordance with TR-ESOR


Paper documents. An increasing amount of data, documents and information are being electronically produced, exchanged and saved. Documents in paper form are gradually being superseded. Providing long-term 

storage of data which preserves its evidentiary value of the data creates a challenge for authorities in particular, but also for business.

A frequently asked question is about the liability for storage procedures concerning data and documents and their integration using electronic processes. Ceyoniq Technology offers its clients legally and audit compliant long-term storage of data which preserves its evidentiary value: nscale LZA.


nscale LZA

The importance of long-term storage of data which preserves its evidentiary value within the context of ECM and DMS was clear to the Ceyoniq business group from an early stage. We are the first DMS/ECM manufacturer to provide a solution for this area.

In order to keep the electronic files and documents properly secure and to reliably protect the contents, several criteria need to be met: Firstly, it must be ensured that the periods for which the data is to be kept is within the legal requirements. Secondly, the availability, authenticity and the ability to serve as evidence as required by law must remain guaranteed for the foreseeable future. Along with increasingly shorter technical innovation cycles, requirements regarding data protection and data security are to be kept in mind.

The German Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology (BSI) has identified a legal framework in Technical Guideline 03125 (TR-ESOR) in order to ensure that all rights remain reserved and that the storage of electronic documentation preserves its evidentiary value.

Advantages for businesses and users Legally and audit compliant long-term storage of data which preserves its evidentiary value

The legally required preservation of the evidentiary value of documents is ensured by using qualified signatures and time stamps as well as separating the document and evidence archives.

The highly complex procedure of preserving the evidentiary value of data or the generation of this by attaching, checking and renewing signatures / time stamps - the generation of so-called evidence records - is automatically performed.

Long-term storage of data that can be carried out on all systems and storage mediums is guaranteed. It also has evidentiary value of data, and, because of this, it ensures that your investment is protected and optimally enhances ECM and DMS.



  • Highest level of trustworthiness thanks to BSI certification
  • Secure communication and authentication via HTTPS
  • Redundant preservation of the evidentiary value of data using several hash algorithms
  • Evidence Records compliant with RFC-4998, in accordance with ArchiSafe and TR-03125
  • Optimised for big data and archive objects >1GB
  • Automated signature generation and checking
  • Unattended re-signing in accordance with ArchiSig



nscale LZA comprises the nscale Server in conjunction with several modules that perform the signing, checking and signature renewal processes.

The embedded signature module is a solution based on open standards. The permanent preservation of the evidentiary value of data becomes a piece of cake by using the SOA middleware which has been evaluated in accordance with common criteria.

The module uses PKI-based cryptography processes and time stamp services in order to ensure irrefutable evidence of integrity and authentication using evidence records in accordance with RFC 4998 - hidden and highly automated.

The signature meets the most stringent security requirements and complies with the ArchiSafe specification of the German Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt - PTB) in Braunschweig and the BSI Technical Guideline 03125 (TR-VELS and TR-ESOR).


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