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State Administration

Electronic records and a basic electronic records service for your state administration.

Achieving the digital transformation together.

Many systems, greater demands – fewer staff.

An increasing number of statutory requirements, growing demand for digital services, an ageing workforce and a shortage of skilled employees are just some of the challenges facing the state administrations. They also have many different legacy IT systems, which complicate processes and impair efficiency in the digital transformation process.

Use of innovative technologies.

To meet the challenges in an increasingly digital world of work it is necessary to exploit the full potential of IT resources. Fast and seamless administration processes for more efficiency and citizen friendliness are essential to the successful transformation of state authorities. Our nscale eGov is a state-of-the-art digital solution designed for public administration.

Mobile access, ease of use and lean administration processes.

nscale eGov – electronic record administration and digital document management.

On the basis of a highly scalable and robust nscale information platform, eGov supports end-to-end electronic administration processes, from incoming mail to ad-hoc workflows, records management and case processing to outgoing mail and TR-ESOR-compliant archiving. nscale eGov is a digital solution that makes it possible to establish a familiar electronics record structure that also satisfies the all-important barrier-free accessibility requirement.

Case and process management


Record management

6 facts about nscale eGov

  1. proven, flexible and efficient document management
  2. stable, secure and scalable
  3. high interoperability on an open-standard basis
  4. seamless multiple workplace integration
  5. many years of data centre deployment and cloud-ready
  6. compliant with the most stringent security standards

The introduction of an information platform reduces processing time (distribution, wait time, research, administration, management, troubleshooting etc.) by up to 90%

Source: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung e.V. (Consortium for Economic Administration)

Your advantages at a glance

  • elimination of information silos
  • regulatory compliance (TR-RESISCAN)
  • central and legally compliant archiving (TR-ESOR)
  • seamless integration into administrative processes
  • interfacing of external information channels
  • multi-site and seamless functionality
  • record and process management
  • workflow transparency
  • straightforward roles and rights concept
  • barrier-free accessibility

Step-by-step to innovative administration.

Mit unserer Lösung nscale eGov beginnen wir dort, wo Ihre individuelle Herausforderung am größten ist. So wächst die E-Akte mit Ihrer Verwaltung mit und bietet Ihnen Investitionsschutz. Denn eine Erweiterung ist zu jeder Zeit problemlos möglich, da die Lösung auf der stabilen, sicheren und skalierbaren Informationsplattform nscale aufbaut. Unsere verschiedenen und flexiblen Preismodelle machen es möglich.

The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia has realised its digital vision with nscale eGov.