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The German E-Government law (EGovG) offers potential for a simplified electronic communication within the administration areas and in the interaction with the public. With nscale, Ceyoniq already offers a strategic platform for the functionalities required under the E-Government law.

The main goal of the E-Government law is the simplification and efficient design of the electronic administrative services.

To accomplish this, several different subject areas must be viewed, such as secure access to documents, efficient preparation of electronic files and the archiving system. The support of administrative processes requires a seamless integration into the prevailing administrative processes for the exchange and integration of information and documents in the respective administration process.


What can our software do for the E-Government law?

In particular for the public administration, nscale offers a broad portfolio of solutions in terms of the step-by-step implementation of the E-Government law. Beginning with secure transmission, through to case processing using the integration of specialist processes as well as the return of information to the public or other administrative bodies: nscale supports the entire electronic lifecycle process in the administrative area.


Key Features

  • Integration of specialist processes that suit requirements
  • eFile with all information for each work task
  • Lean and complete processing of transactions
  • Secure and complete access to information
  • Easy search paths and full text searches
  • Access to existing media breaks
  • Avoidance of copies and duplicates
  • Legal conformity can be audited (compliance)
  • Integration platform for citizens’ portals
  • Data exchange independent of administrative body



Today, eGovernment is at the heart of the modernisation of the civic administration system. So that the entire application and infrastructure can be modernised in a step-by-step process, it is necessary to integrate existing IT structures and the data administrated with them.

The goal of the budgetary consolidation is to organise the administrative processes as citizen-friendly as possible and to attain optimal cost-benefit results. In order to achieve this, a document management system will be introduced that enables comprehensive digital process management ranging from incoming mail to the document management and transaction processing system, and that also includes the outgoing mail and a statutory archiving functionality. nscale eGovernment fulfils these requirements perfectly and offers lots more.

Advantages for government agencies and administrative bodies

With nscale, Ceyoniq offers a standardised, out-of-the-box product for numerous applications and a high level of functionality. This results in numerous advantages for public administration bodies:

  • Use of standard functionalities without project expense
  • Quick possibility for the implementation of individual EGovG requirements
  • Investment security through tried and tested and expandable nscale architecture
  • Legal security through certified nscale performance components (e.g. TR-ESOR)
  • Fiscal planning security through consistent expansion of nscale service portfolio


Efficient. Flexible. Secure.

nscale eGovernment does not just effectively save you money, but you also benefit from numerous other advantages.

Electronically managed processes help significantly reduce the processing times, alleviate the routine tasks performed by the administrative staff and significantly increase their motivation. The public perceives the administrative body as friendlier, more efficient and more transparent. The investment in an information platform that spans administrative and government agencies is an excellent investment. The result is higher efficiency, better service from the agencies as well as savings of public funds.

The highest level of security standards and legal requirements are fulfilled because the documents can be stored and administered for the long term and unchangeable. Therefore the nscale information platform is the perfect solution – even for police departments operating at the municipal, state or federal level.

nscale eGovernment strengthens already implemented budgetary and specialist processes, technical and geographical applications, as well as e-mail systems with document management functions (DMS) and the workflow management. The central goal is the activity-related consolidation of all data and documents in an electronic file.

nscale eGovernment is available for use in countless applications: As a leading application – whereby the specialised process keeps the relevant data in the foreground – nscale eGovernment provisions all required services in the background. nscale eGovernment is in the position to completely manage administration processes and to feed these with the appropriate data and documents from connected systems.


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