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Our products grow with your company.

The right software for your requirements.

Get your company ready for the digital transformation.

Talk to us. We’ll be happy to advise you and demonstrate all the things we can make possible.


The software you use has to fit your company.

The software you use has to fit your company.
Should your software be adapted to your organisation, or vice-versa? That’s an important question that you have to ask yourself when you develop your digitalisation strategy. We can offer you three different products to choose from depending on what you decide and the following factors:

  • Available budget
  • Roll-out timeframe
  • Scope of function
  • Customisation requirements


Our nscale information platform can be adapted to each of the above factors. It is a scalable system, so it can grow in line with your needs.


Inexpensive solutions that can be implemented fast.

We offer a range of application software solutions that unite the most useful functions with pre-defined processes and structures, plus intuitive user interfaces. The major advantage is that the software can be installed, configured and made ready to use in just a few hours.


Comprehensive functions and process optimisation.

Our specialist solutions are perfectly tailored to your business processes and offer you a comprehensive range of functions. They are based on our many years of experience and exploit the full potential of information management.


Everything is possible.

With our highly innovative nscale information platform and over 30 years of project experience, we are equipped to deliver whatever you need and cater to your specific requirements. Our strong team of development experts have the extensive know-how to collaborate with you on developing solutions that perfectly match your needs.