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The Ceyoniq portfolio of products and solutions is comprehensive and especially tailored to meet the needs and demands of our customers. Aside from the individual project-related business, we also offer you topic- and industry-specific solutions. In order to be able to meet the highest customer demands tomorrow, our efforts are always future-oriented.

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nscale provides different user interfaces. The available interfaces are just as diverse as the user’s requirements. Through its integration in Windows Explorer, nscale Explorer makes it easy to get started.

If you need a web-based solution then the nscale Desktop Web will be ideal for you. This client really stands out by seamlessly integrating into a variety of different browsers and does not require any setup on the client side.
With nscale Cockpit we offer a client that is modern and easy to use. The user navigation and functional design are notable features of the nscale Cockpit.

nscale comes with a multitude of solutions and scenarios which are pre-designed and ready to use straight away in the standard version. Use the nscale follow-up process to bring forward again any nscale object at a specific time. Add structure to your processes by allowing the nscale floating file manager to organise them. Gain a deeper insight into your business processes with the graphical preparation and presentation of ongoing business processes. nscale products also come with a whole lot more as standard.

Whether you want to utilise one of nscale’s standard solutions, are looking to implement developments yourself or together with the help of our consulting: nscale is an expert and incredibly competent partner to help meet your demands.



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