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nscale Server

nscale Server is the heart of the information platform nscale. The server combines four fundamental components: storage layer (nscale Server Storage Layer), application layer (nscale Server Application Layer), the nscale Pipeliner for importing and exporting data along with numerous interfaces which ensure a high level of integration potential in existing IT systems.

Based on a seamless server architecture, all nscale Server components are consistently being further enhanced and upgraded with new innovations in technology. In doing this, great importance is attached to ensure the stability of the interfaces. It also guarantees that the archived data and information can be reliably read, even many years later.

The nscale Server is a stable, secure and extremely flexible platform. It ticks all the boxes regarding the requirements of a modern and open IT infrastructure.


Key Features

  • User-defined scalability
  • Diverse and powerful interfaces
  • Universal application due to platform independence
  • All common databases: Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Minimal processing times for documents
  • Ultimate search performance
  • Ultimate importing and exporting convenience
  • Maximum performance even with a large number of active simultaneous users
  • Intelligent Business Activity Monitoring Engine (BAM)
  • Individual rights management using permission settings


nscale Server Storage Layer

The Storage Layer ensures long-term and audit compliant archiving of all kinds of content. The Storage Layer looks after the filing of objects as a back-end database, exchanges data with storage subsystems and secures the availability of saved data.

The user can easily make use of all the advantages of the Storage Layer in their day-to-day work using a very simple interface. At the same time, the Storage Layer’s heterogeneous storage environment for the administrator is extremely easy to use.

The Storage Layer offers unlimited document storage. NoSQL data management allows the system to continuously have access to every document on the server. It doesn’t matter whether many thousands, or even millions, of documents have been saved when filing or opening them.

nscale Server Application Layer

The second component of the nscale Server is the nscale Server Application Layer. The Application Layer is distinguished by its openness and flexibility. It is effortless to make changes in line with your company’s requirements by expanding, changing or adding to the existing functions.

The Application Layer can be scaled with great flexibility and makes it possible to assign labour-intensive tasks like user requests or system tasks to different nodes. Ultimate access capacity and maximum performance are guaranteed no matter how many users are simultaneously working on the system and accessing data.


nscale Pipeliner

The nscale Pipeliner secures the automated processing of mass data - from importing large amounts of data right through to its utilisation in business processes - in no time at all, regardless of the data structure or format.

Input data is processed in parallel using a number of “threads” which has been adapted to the system. Countless helpful functions allow you to work in a easy and convenient way. These include comprehensive configuration options, versatile monitoring options and the ability to convert document content. Accessing the entire range of information available on the system is, of course, nice and easy using the nscale Pipeliner.

Key Features

  • Enormous transfer rate
  • Conventional data processing and specialised processing methods
  • Configuration of customisable processing areas
  • Automatic customisable conversion of documents
  • Detailed monitoring
  • Customisable add-on possibilities using the integrated plug-in concept


nscale Administrator

By using the Administrator SDK (Software Development Kit) it is possible to integrate your own administration nodes in the nscale Administrator, i.e. your own software components can be registered within the file-based structure of the nscale Administrator.

The Administrator SDK uses Eclipse-compliant Extension Points to connect in the navigator tree. Every plug-in that is compliant with Eclipse can be easily and elegantly integrated into the nscale Administrator.

The nscale Rendition Server provides services and interfaces for text extraction, converting formats and creating replacement levels of representation. The function is used by nscale Server Application Layer to create previews and thumbnails for example.

All of the nscale Rendition Server’s functions are available as a well documented interface and are independent from the nscale Server. It is therefore possible to use the methods within nscale Server plug-ins and workflow actions, as well as outside of an nscale context, for your own purposes.


nscale Monitoring Console

In order to guarantee that extensive business processes in terms of IT
 operations run smoothly, it is vital that the appropriate functions that help control them are available for use. The nscale Monitoring Console offers comprehensive control over each nscale system component. More information can be found here.

nscale Scenario Manager

Every company is different. That’s why Ceyoniq Technology’s nscale Scenario Manager provides you with an intelligent tool to help you adapt the nscale environment to the circumstances that your business requires with a great deal of flexibility. The nscale Scenario Manager accelerates and optimises the nscale environment’s adjustment processes between different source and target systems.

Due to extensive import and export options, scenarios can be created and transferred incredibly easily. The selection and behaviour of the objects to be transferred right through to entire complex scenarios can be defined depending on the requirement. This enables pre-configured scenarios to be administered quickly and easily.



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