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One platform – all information.

For seamless integration into your IT system environment.

This technology simply works.

Get rid of your information islands.

Most enterprises want their teams to have smooth and efficient work processes. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible because of heterogeneous systems and software, with diverse applications, as well as multiple views and architectures.

To ensure the seamless and, more importantly, quick integration of all these systems and software, custom-fit interfaces are a must. In very rare cases it isn’t necessary to take existing applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems into account. Generally, however, the existing systems have to be integrated or the information managed on the nscale platform has to be made accessible to them.

One information platform – multiple interfaces

nscale is an open and modern system. In addition to the provision of suitable solutions and intuitive GUIs, it offers diverse interfaces across all levels, from interfaces for data-based communication to software development kits (SDKs) with web and Windows-based templates. The nscale information platform provides application developers with both nscale-specific interfaces and standard industrial interfaces.

Here are some of our standard industrial interfaces.


Do you have individual requirements?

Another application case for nscale system interfaces is the OEM segment, and we offer comprehensive SDKs for both client and server-side software. All nscale components are OEM-ready and can be quickly and easily configured. Own clients and interfaces can be developed with nscale Web SDK and nscale Windows SDK. In addition to comprehensive documentation, they include tutorials and demonstrations providing step-by-step guidance on interface development based on nscale technology.