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Information Platform

One platform – all information.

Process optimisation and information management.

Searching for information isn’t an option.

Your challenges in the digital age

You receive vast quantities of information on a daily basis. It is processed or managed by different members of staff. The process is complicated by a heterogeneous IT infrastructure, because information silos and multiple data entry in incompatible systems makes efficient data and information handling impossible. Information that cannot be linked adds no value to your business processes and the following problems occur:

Time-consuming searches for relevant information
A lack of process transparency
Diverse business applications are not integrated
No overview of your information base
High manual administration workload

The central idea behind nscale is to deliver relevant information to the right people quickly – whatever the time, location or medium. It’s that simple.

Go digital to eliminate information chaos.

Just imagine what it would be like if you could access all your company’s information in one place whenever you like. The nscale enterprise information management system makes the central administration of both structured and unstructured data possible. Depending on your requirements, information can be provided to specific people or added to a business process. You can also always collaborate on projects and processes in a team space.

What is nscale?

nscale is an information platform that unites all the advantages of an enterprise information management system. It offers users many benefits, from simple and stable document archiving to the establishment of a company-wide information platform for the organisation of data and content. A document is often much more than just a file. nscale helps you to structure your information and archive it in a legally compliant way. But it also makes your information valuable, which is what makes nscale stand out from other systems.

Over 30 years of development at our Bielefeld headquarters
Suitable for enterprises of any size thanks to scalability, flexibility and adaptability
Numerous user interfaces and integrations
Extensive range of functions
Product support is provided from Bielefeld
Extremely robust and secure archiving system
Modern and open system with many interfaces

Information is a valuable asset if you can exploit it to your advantage in business processes.

With a modern enterprise information management system like nscale you can put a stop to information chaos – both on paper and in your various heterogeneous systems. Free up more resources for the genuinely productive activities in your organisation. Then you can focus on being a successful player in your market and race ahead of the competition.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Substantial process cost reduction
  • Faster access to information
  • Location-independent information availability
  • Better information quality
  • Automated and optimised processes
  • Data and information security
  • Compliance
  • Lower cost and work burden for document administration

„We are working intensively on the continuous optimisation of nscale by monitoring trends and testing out new technologies so that we can review and improve the platform with each development increment. Our main priority is to generate added value for our customers and partners.“

Christian Burkamp (Head of Research & Development)