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Inbox Management

Inbox Management

The digital solution for the management of your input channels.

Inbox chaos is frustrating.

Information and documents arrive at your company via different channels. Many invoices and contracts are still arriving in paper format. Although most companies today use digital communications, they receive incoming post via all kinds of media and channels, such as e-mail, Dropbox, Messenger and internal messaging systems.

As a result, they have to constantly switch between these media and channels in an attempt to retain an overview of all the information.

There’s a structured and organised alternative.

Our digital inbox management solution digitalises, classifies and centrally archives all of your incoming mail. All documents and information are then distributed to the right place and the right people in the organisation.  

Our solution bundles and digitalises all your input channels, from letter and e-mail to multifunctional devices..


Your advantages at a glance

  • entry of structured and unstructured data and documents from different sources
  • central mailbox via individual inbox folders
  • permissions concept with pre-defined roles
  • reduction of costs for manual incoming post processing
  • fast distribution to all sites and recipients
  • short throughput times
  • clear responsibilities and documentation for transparency and security
  • overview of all incoming information and documents

Key features

  • automated data extraction
  • standardised omnichannel processing
  • simple processing of incoming post
  • automated assignment of incoming data and documents
  • automated workflow initiation (invoice receipt, orders)
  • standard web applications