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HR Record Management

HR Record Management

Our digital solution for your human resources.

Full filing cabinets, complex filing systems and complicated research.

Many companies have structures, especially in HR, that have evolved over decades. The same applies to their software applications, which are often complex, lack transparency and are difficult to upgrade. This has a negative impact on competitiveness. Optimised HR processes are an important factor for the success of your enterprise.


Your opportunity to attract new talent.

The shortage of skilled personnel in the job market is a major challenge currently affecting both SMEs and major corporations. Innovative ideas, concepts and training are just some of the things that today’s employees expect their employers to provide. You have to free up your HR department from complex manual tasks so that it can focus on personnel development and talent recruitment.

Optimised HR processes.

Digital HR Record Management is our digital solution to simplify work-intensive administrative processes. We relieve the HR team of monotonous activities and simplify their workflows so that they can concentrate on the people in your organisation.

Innovative and optimised HR processes are essential in organisations that want to increase their skilled employee retention rate by increasing employee satisfaction, and to recruit new talent.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • fast information retrieval via index and full-text search
  • central, structured archiving of all HR information, irrespective of format or origin
  • company-wide and mobile access to information according to a permissions system
  • immediate ability to provide information to staff and managers
  • one single system eliminates multiple data entry
  • structured application process
  • integration in your HR management system
  • elimination of storage costs for paper files

Key features

  • employee HR records with a defined structure that can be project-specifically expanded
  • effective team and contact management
  • efficient support in HR document creation
  • fast access to information via index and full text search
  • digital workflows for document creation and release
  • HR calendar, appointment management, contacts and contracts
  • simple integration into the existing IT environment
  • standard solution