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Healthcare industry

Regardless of whether university clinics, regional hospitals or health insurance companies are concerned – the amount of paper required for administrating patient files, insurance and case histories is enormous. Today, more and more hospitals are limiting the amount of paper they use – and are moving towards digital patient files and complex document management systems. This results in a significant degree of savings potential for the healthcare sector.

The modern healthcare management system has established rigid guidelines and prerequisites that require it to act in a manner that benefits the patient as well as keeps the economic benefit of the health insurance companies in mind.

In doing so, we believe it is important that data, documents and information can be processed and distributed quickly and easily as well as archived at any time.

The nscale information platform is the solution to fulfil all of these requirements: with legal certainty, flexibility and being innovative. At any location and also within a national network of hospitals, nscale is always in the position of archiving and making available confidential information from the areas of administration, management and patient care.


Selected list of references from the healthcare industry

  • Evangelische Diakonissenanstalt Speyer-Mannheim-Bad Dürkheim K. d. ö. R.
  • Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH)
  • pronova BKK
  • Universitätsklinikum Ulm
  • v. Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel


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