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Government Agency

Digital administration for your government agency.

Our solution to innovate your administration processes.

Digital transformation – new challenges.

Digitalisation means connectivity between all areas of business and society. In the digital transformation, central contact points such as public government agencies have to redefine and digitalise their communications, processes and services. The public administration’s modernisation efforts will be successful if they roll out digital solutions that are both user friendly and legally compliant.

No more files piling up on desks.

Seaching for information can be frustrating and time consuming. Routing slips and manually administered paper-based files are extremely inefficient. In the future, it will be mandatory for all government agencies to provide online services, but their different legacy IT systems are hindering seamless information flows and obstructing administrative processes.

47% of staff lack the information they need to perform their jobs properly.

(Source: Gartner)

nscale eGov is our solution.

The introduction of an effective electronic records management solution such as nscale eGov takes public administrations a big step closer to the digital future. At the same time, it improves information quality and optimises work processes. nscale eGov is designed for public administration and based on our robust and secure nscale information platform. It facilitates digital process management, from incoming mail, to document and process management, and from outgoing mail to legally compliant archiving.

Case and process management


Record management

Fast integration in your IT environment, intuitive operation and high-performance-ready.

Your advantages at a glance

  • elimination of information silos
  • regulatory compliance (TR-RESISCAN)
  • central and legally compliant archiving (TR-ESOR)
  • seamless integration into administrative processes
  • interfacing of external information channels
  • multi-site and seamless functionality
  • record and process management
  • workflow transparency
  • straightforward roles and rights concept
  • barrier-free accessibility

Step-by-step to innovative administration.

We start by tackling your biggest challenges with our nscale eGov application. Your electronic records base then grows with you, guaranteeing investment security. eGov can easily be extended at any time because it is based on the robust, reliable and scalable nscale information platform, and we offer a range of flexible price structures.