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ERP Integration

Seamless integration in the ERP system

That’s easy with our digital solutions.

You can get more out of your ERP.

The logical extension of an ERP

The most important enterprise planning and management tool, and the mainstay of digital business processes, is a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. However, the ERP system doesn’t cover all your business requirements, which is why you have to integrate an enterprise information management system if you want to obtain the maximum added value for your digital business vision.

Cost reduction
Access to all enterprise information
Faster and optimised processes
Offsite data storage reduces the ERP workload
A familiar IT environment for users
Central archiving

SAP is an ERP system in widespread use that can be seamlessly integrated into external systems.

SAP archive interface

When the SAP-ArchiveLink ® interface was rolled out it became possible to additionally integrate enterprise information management or document management systems in SAP, creating a standard solution for the offsite storage and digital archiving of documents, data and records. It also significantly reduces the SAP system’s workload.

SAP data archiving

In addition to document archiving SAP has launched SAP ILM, a data archiving tool. One of the main purposes of SAP ILM - Information Lifecycle Management – is the management of data throughout their entire lifecycle, from creation to deletion. As soon as the data are no longer required for daily operations, they are archived to reduce the database volume.

SAP and nscale ERP make a powerful duo.

Our certified solution for your SAP system: nscale ERP.

nscale ERP content service

The following storage scenarios are supported:

  • Archiving for subsequent entry (early archiving)
  • Archiving and entry (simultaneous archiving)
  • Assignment and archiving (late archiving)
  • Late archiving with barcode

nscale ERP Connector ILM

The following functions are provided:

  • Lifecycle management of productive and archived data
  • Guaranteed data immutability
  • Protection against premature deletion
  • Data is archived on an ILM-certified WebDAV server
  • Supplements/replaces previous data archiving practices
  • Enables the decommissioning of SAP legacy systems

Your advantages at a glance

  • Audit-proof data archiving
  • Data archiving and document retention periods in nscale
  • Blocking and deletion of archived data and saved documents
  • Legal hold designation for archived data and saved documents
  • Provision of archived data and saved documents to a retention warehouse system (legacy system decommissioning)
  • Satisfaction of the highest performance requirements (SAP load test)