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nscale Smart Business Solution

How much does it cost to have the most important information available at any point in time and from any location in order to facilitate a decision-making process and therefore limit the potential risks for a business? A considerable amount of commitment in the shape of time and money is generally invested.

Complex and expensive solutions mostly go far beyond what is actually needed and are not exactly cheap when it comes to maintenance and support services. But what information is actually needed?
There is no universally accepted answer to this, however, the following applies without a doubt: the information needs of a business are fundamentally related to its core business.

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For which industry is the Smart Business Solution suitable?

nscale SBS can be used in any industry and is perfect for all businesses that don’t want to be tied up with major intricate installation and setup work, but instead just want it to start working.


nscale SBS: the components

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Employee mangement

nscale smart CM

Contract management

nscale smart PM

Supplier administration

nscale smart SD

Customer management


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