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Managing more efficiently

Working efficiently and optimising processes – this goal is becoming more and more important for the decision makers and employees in the rental and real estate industry. Aside from the customer satisfaction, in particular the changed legal requirements and an increasing competitive pressure are increasing the need for action. The work and process quality must be improved, costs must be lowered and employees must be removed from mundane and repetitive tasks.

Administrate documents in a modern fashion and use them intelligently – that is the biggest challenge.

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nscale Real Estate – the solution for the real estate file – allows for a structured and centralised administration of the growing level of correspondence between renters, agencies, landlords and service providers, regardless of whether rental contracts, invoices, lists and memos or e-mails and delivery notes are concerned.

nscale Real Estate ensures more efficiency through intelligent information management and the comfortable, legally compliant and reliable management of all relevant data and documents.

Documents as backup for important information –smartly handled and stored – will have a significant impact on the growth and success of a company.

nscale Real Estate seamlessly integrates into the structure of your company and paves the way for turning your documents and data into sustainable information. As an information platform in the real estate industry, nscale Real Estate significantly optimises the information and document processing as well as the communication mechanisms.


nscale Real Estate – The real estate DMS solution with electronic e-mail, renter file and mobile document management. 


  • Integration of all documents in a digital object or renter file
  • Significant cost savings and acceleration through reduction of the manual effort and media breaks
  • Audit-proof archiving of documents (compliance)
  • Secure and complete access to information.
  • Enormous alleviation of the paper filing/archiving system
  • Electronic incoming and outgoing mail with connection to the legacy and accounting systems
  • Acceleration of the process work, especially at decentralised locations
  • Simple search and find of documents, even via mobile access using a tablet PC
  • Integrated document management without multiple and temporary filing
  • Seamless integration of MS Office/Outlook, including mail merge function
  • Reliable retention and recording of information for proof of business transactions
  • Noticeable reduction of workloads for employees in the mailing department
  • Provisioning of targeted expertise – across the company and always up to date
  • Significantly reduced processing times for document-centred business processes
  • Classification and indexing of incoming mail documents


User advantages

nscale Real Estate does not only create more efficiency, it is also highly flexible. The software is scalable and can be seamlessly integrated into the individual IT structures in your company. Filing, documentation and looking up information: simple and comprehensive with nscale Real Estate.

You always keep the overview of your business processes. All documents are available centrally, up-to-date and everywhere within the company. That guarantees you simple and comprehensive research – throughout the company and across departments.

Routine and time-consuming tasks will be eliminated for your employees. This makes their daily work easier and will have a positive effect on the motivation and productivity of each individual.

Through automation, nscale Real Estate makes a decisive contribution to the optimisation of recurring work tasks. This saves a considerable degree of resources. The large volume of electronic and paper documents becomes manageable, document-based business processes are more efficient, transparent and supported by a workflow.


Faster research

With nscale Real Estate you can comfortably automate your business processes. At the outset is the recording and processing of documents (electronic as well as paper documents). These are archived in an audit-proof manner. Thereafter, defined workflows are started automatically.


nscale Real Estate practically processes all incoming and outgoing mail and digitalises the entire flow of data for your company; regardless of from how many sources and irrespective of the existing applications.

With the additional integration of an electronic invoice validation system, this process can also be fully automated; if required, the invoice can also be immediately booked. Everything ranging from approval, booking and filing to the long-term archiving of the documents with an automated control of the statutory retention periods and a sophisticated system of user roles and authorisation levels: nscale Real Estate combines all real-world processing tasks in the digital world. And with its intuitive user interface, it does so in a very user-friendly way.

In a multitude of business scenarios it is essential to also be able to access company information while on the go. With nscale mobile for iOS (iPad) and Android this can be done very easily. No matter where you are you can quickly access the existing nscale system – and benefit from the possibilities of the mobile nscale client. nscale Real Estate proves its versatility through a variety of innovative features. For example, your documents are, if desired, coded with GPS data and therefore allocated to a specific location. If the authorised employee is travelling in the vicinity of the stored coordinates, the documents are automatically provided for that employee. Mobile data access – context- and location-specific – everywhere and at any time. You retain your flexibility.


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