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Enhanced & comprehensive monitoring

The nscale Monitoring Console offers the option to operate a central monitoring process throughout the entire range of nscale components. It forms a separate and optional module which can monitor all system activities.

In order to guarantee that extensive business processes in terms of IT operations run smoothly, it is vital that the appropriate functions that help control them are available for use. This is the only way to promptly detect and fix errors and failures. It is particularly applicable to DMS and workflow technologies. The nscale Monitoring Console allows all system components to be comprehensively controlled. The nscale user will also be immediately provided with vital information about critical system statuses.

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How does the Monitoring Console work?

The nscale Monitoring Console makes it possible to have extensive control over all nscale system components. nscale’s performance and integrity is monitored by sensors and takes place at a centralised location. The current system status can be illustrated in a very simple way using differently coloured indicator lights - using the nscale Administrator or even simply using the nscale Monitor Windows gadget. In addition to this visual display, information regarding the status can be sent via an automated e-mail to the administrator.

The Monitoring Console enables various categories of information to be individually defined and their priority to be set by the user. This is how critical processes can quickly be detected and attended to via the control centre. Receiving this information ensures a higher level of security and ultimately an increase in productivity and efficiency in terms of document management.


Key Features

  • Monitoring of all nscale components at a central locatio
  • Generation of alarms based on real-time data
  • Specified or critical values can be freely configured and adapted to user requirements and needs
  • Configurable e-mail notifications in the event of critical system statuses
  • Saving actual values over a defined period of time to be analysed and evaluated at a later point
  • Request period of all sensors is freely configurable
  • Optional integration into existing systems such as Nagios


Advantages for users

The Monitoring Console enhances the nscale portfolio by providing a component that monitors the nscale system and supplies information about the current status of the individual components at a central location. The module monitors and informs the user about critical or faulty statuses. This is how you will quickly and easily be able to see if the nscale components in the IT system are running without any problems.

The Monitoring Console can also be integrated into other existing systems used for monitoring such as Nagios. The spectrum of sensors and system statuses that can be monitored is incredibly varied and ranges from simple sensors that monitor the availability of an nscale module right through to performance figures for the currently ongoing Pipeliner import.

nscale Monitoring Console’s sensors can be put together as required and conveniently monitored as a group. It is also possible to individually configure new sensors to fit specific business requirements. The administrator receives a prompt notification if critical values are exceeded.

Advantages for businesses

Monitoring of all business critical system components in order to guarantee smooth and high-performance operation.

From the very beginning, the main focus when developing the nscale Monitoring Console was on the integration into existing monitoring landscapes. Due to this fact, being able to integrate the data from the Monitoring Console in Nagios has already been provided for.

Preventative monitoring offers the possibility to monitor the performance of nscale in a precautionary manner. This monitors the execution times of tasks in the standard interface. If these times are greater than the defined limit then this will be recorded for subsequent analysis. The status is displayed using the indicator light system. The behaviour at database level as well as from plug-ins or hooks can be quickly identified in this way.


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