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nscale Scenario Manager

Objects in the form of a file in an nscale Server Application Layer entity can be exported into a file system with the help of the Scenario Manager. The exported objects can then be imported into another nscale Server Application Layer entity. The nscale Scenario Manager accelerates and optimises the nscale environment’s adjustment processes between different source and target systems. If the configuration of a client’s nscale Server Application Layer changes (e.g. is enhanced), then the new or adjusted objects will be imported into the live system once these changes have been released.

An in-house usage scenario developed by the service provider can be imported by the client to an existing system. Backups of the different configuration versions can be created by using the export function. These versions can then easily be restored if required.


  • Individual adaptations to the nscale environment
  • Comprehensive import and export options
  • Straightforward creation and distribution of scenarios
  • Option of selecting export objects in great detail
  • Clear overview of object dependencies when exporting
  • Import/export regardless of the version used
  • Folders can also be exported and imported
  • Interactive wizards to help deal with import conflicts



Advantages for users

The user can define which objects are to be exported in detail. It is also possible to overwrite objects that already exist on the target system when importing. Rules relating to the deletion of the objects already present in the target system can also be defined for the importing process. In the event of conflicts occurring between objects in the source and target systems, the user can decide how the problem should be solved. This happens using interactive and specially designed wizards. An example of a conflict would be if the content differed in objects with the same name in the source and target systems.

  • Source and target systems can have different nscale versions (source system ≠ target system)
  • The export can consist of individual configuration objects or scenarios through to entire nscale configurations
  • Along with nscale configuration objects, it is also possible to export and import individual folders or complete folder structures
  • Comprehensive wizards help easily resolve any conflict situations

Advantages for businesses

The nscale Scenario Manager is an intelligent tool for adapting the nscale environment to the respective requirements of any business with a great deal of flexibility. Scenarios can effortlessly be created and transferred using the comprehensive import and export options. The selection and behaviour of the objects to be transferred right through to entire complex scenarios can be defined depending on the requirement. This enables pre-configured scenarios to be administered quickly and easily. Extensive dialogues for editing are available to the administrator.



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