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The variety of ERP systems available on the market is huge. They can mostly be found as an integral part of a business with a wide variety of different applications and organisation entities. The necessity to connect leading ERP systems with an ECM system is generally so that documents can be stored securely and in accordance with compliance guidelines and to preserve their evidentiary value.

As a centralised information platform, nscale can connect to a variety of ERP systems and, in doing so, it ensures access to information on the ERP system (master data connection), as well as serving the ERP system as the main system for providing documents or information.

The nscale Connector provides a connection for many of the common ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, JD Edwards, Baan, SAP, Infoma, Hamburger Software, etc. The open architecture of nscale Connector makes it possible to easily connect ERP systems regardless of their architecture. Exchanging information and documents is guaranteed in order to support business processes.


Typical areas of use

  • Searching for information from the ERP system
  • Transferring information (documents and index values) from the ERP system to the ECM
  • Automatic classification of master data for documents
  • Expansion of information regarding business processes
  • Master data comparison for examination procedures
  • Creation of links to objects between ERP and ECM systems


Making use of all the advantages

The nscale Information Platform has an incredibly wide range of interfaces at its disposal. Special connectors have been developed for most common ERP/CRM systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, JD Edwards, Baan, SAP, Infoma, Hamburger Software). ERP/CRM systems are able to easily access the required information in nscale regardless of their architecture and programming language via the universal ERP/CRM Connector and the open interfaces.

Furthermore, Ceyoniq Technology GmbH is introducing an innovative integration technology which provides easy and fast connection of nscale to a wide variety of ERP systems. Businesses with unconventional ERP systems or with industry solutions without the appropriate integration technology can easily implement the required connections within a very short space of time using the Xternal Connector.


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