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E-files and IT-supported workflow processes

The public sector faces changes, not least because of the e-Government Act being passed, to organise their administrative processes in a more transparent way, with greater focus on the customer. The IT-supported workflow process is just one aspect of this which should help support mapping the document-based processes. The e-files, which are often referred to in this context, also play a vital role, just like the audit-compliant archiving.

Paper files are increasingly being superseded by electronic business processes being established and utilised in order to provide efficient processing of all procedures.

Along with mapping the relevant organisational structure, the integration into existing IT infrastructure forms a central aspect.

nscale already supports current budgetary and specialist procedures, technical and geographical applications such as e-mail systems with document management systems (DMS) and workflow processes (VBS). The main goal is to consolidate the entire collection of data and documents based on the transaction type into an electronic file.


nscale basic functions (examples)

  • Mapping the organisational structure
  • Integration of file plans
  • Efficient record management
  • Process support
  • Deadline and term management
  • Follow-ups as a task or reminder
  • Logging
  • Arrangements regarding replacement
  • Allocation of user rights and roles
  • Processing incoming and outgoing mail
  • Audit-compliant archiving
  • Integration in specialist procedures
  • Forwarding objects


Integration of specialist procedures

Specialist procedures for the completion of business processes play a particularly important role within the government sector. Specialist procedures serve for performing the most diverse tasks and generally have different architectures and system platforms. The life cycle of specialist procedures therefore spans a long period of time and can lead to an heterogeneous application infrastructure.

nscale possesses a whole host of interfaces which support the connection to leading processing systems or specialist procedures and have a variety of different properties.


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