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E-mails are not just used for internal business communication, they are most notably used as business correspondence. However, e-mails are generally only saved in an e-mail program and not secured at an additional location. This could result in the fairly significant risk of losing information. Secure e-mail archiving should form an essential part of business procedure in today’s world as nothing can hinder smooth operations like missing information!

The massive information potential that results from the content of e-mails is often underestimated. In addition to important business correspondence, you also receive discussions, opinions and agreements which lead to a great amount of knowledge being accumulated which unfortunately isn’t used often enough. E-mails should be easily and elegantly placed in a DMS and then be meaningfully used for the purpose of business processes.

One thing is for sure: nscale offers plenty of solutions so that e-mails can be used effectively. Starting with automatic storage on the server through to productive usage of e-mail content in your business processes.


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