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DMS & workflow

Information can only be of use if it is made available. At any time and from any location. Important resources are not used by many businesses. This can prove costly if the correct document or an important file providing decisive information is not available at the right time.

nscale makes your information valuable. We know that a document is more than just a physical file.

Information is intelligently distributed and made available, whilst additional or related material and documents can be displayed and made available to the user.

Whether it’s document management, workflow management, optimisation of business processes or audit-compliant archiving: with the solutions available in the Information Platform nscale, you have access to software which fulfils all of the requirements for a flexible system which can be integrated into an existing IT structure at any time.


Advantages for businesses

  • Efficient access to documents and information
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Protection and traceability for sensitive information
  • Access to information and transparency
  • Maintaining business knowledge and making it available
  • Promoting teamwork between employees
  • Mobile access to information
  • Cutting costs
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Reduced space requirements

Advantages for users

  • Quick access to information
  • Improved insight of operational processes
  • No need to distribute copies
  • Attaining a higher quality of workflow management
  • Reduction of monotonous storage and search activities
  • Overcoming discontinuities in media
  • Minimising errors and increased employee motivation


What nscale can achieve for you

Using the nscale Information Platform, we offer you the possibility to efficiently manage electronic documents and information and makes this available to your users. nscale can handle all of the necessary discipline required for efficient document management.

Document management: Mapping the document life cycle: Generation - storage - processing - utilisation - archiving

Template management: Always have the right template at the right place

Digitalising and indexing documents: Input management for documents in paper form

File management: Configure an e-file according to your requirements

Mail functions: Management of incoming and outgoing mail

Business Process Management: Mapping business logic and delivery of standard workflows

Application integration: ERP systems and standard software

Archiving: Document and e-mail archiving

Range of signature functions: LZA/TR-ESOR

Mobile information management: Mobile working with information and documents



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