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Digital Invoice Management

Invoice Management

Our digital solution to optimise your process

Manual invoice management is time-consuming and prone to errors.

If you haven’t automated your invoice management process yet, you’re probably still doing all these annoying tasks: collating, copying, printing, sorting, distributing, typing, correcting, waiting, filing. Are we right? The manual work, the wait times and distribution delays in invoice management are unforeseeable, extensive, expensive and unnecessary.

High costs

Long processing times

No transparency

No compliance

Your time is valuable – let’s spend it wisely.

Electronic and automated invoice processing frees you from unnecessary work activities and provides you with a comprehensive, time and location-independent overview of all incoming invoices. 

There are four digital and automated steps in the optimised invoice management process.


Invoice receipt


Invoice recognition


Verification and approval


Accounting in ERP

An efficient and transparent process is the key to enterprise profitability.


Fast processing

Fast accounting

Faster ROI

Your advantages at a glance

  • faster approval processes through automation
  • shorter distribution and wait times
  • better visibility and transparency
  • no loss of discounts or cashflow squeezes
  • lower error probability
  • simple integration in all commonly used ERP systems
  • based on a robust enterprise information management platform

Key features

  • automated invoice verification
  • automated entry of header and accounting item data
  • digital verification process with structured workflow
  • accounting item splitting
  • easy-to-use verification and account assignment functions
  • data exports in various formats
  • audit-proof archiving

and many more.