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Contract Management

Contract Management

Your digital solution for order, structure and transparency.

Contract management is a complex, global task.

Working with different contracts is associated with a great deal of concentration and responsibility, because contracts contain important and sensitive data. In the contract management workflow different employees in different departments usually process and manage the contracts, which means that mistakes are often made.

  • financial losses as a result of unterminated contracts
  • missing up-to-date versions
  • no central contract term management or archiving structure
  • missing contract information
  • failure to meet compliance requirements
  • multiple data input through use of different systems

Never miss another deadline.

Finally get everything under control with digital contract management.

Our digital contract management solution allows you to centrally archive all your contracts, including the information they contain and the accompanying business correspondence, for access and management by multiple departments. Automatic contract extensions no longer result in unplanned activities.

This reduces your costs and improves your chances of making financial savings.

Our solution saves you money and delivers benefits.

Your advantages at a glance

  • full potential exploitation through efficient contract management
  • cost-effective receivables and claim management
  • standard data pool with structured master data administration
  • date and deadline monitoring
  • central information repository
  • contract lifecycle support
  • collaborative contract processing

Key features

  • central date and deadline management
  • detailed permissions concept
  • structured archiving of all data and documents
  • automatic e-mail notifications
  • push notifications