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Cities/ Local authorities

Digital administration for cities and local authorities.

We develop your digital vision with our solution.

Improving trust and citizen accessibility to public administration services.

In the future, public administration services will have to be transparent, connected and efficient. This poses a variety of challenges to the public authorities, such as regulatory compliance, the need for integrated information flows without interruptions due to system incompatibilities, and also demographic change. As a result, the cities and local authorities have no option but to modernise.

A world without paper mountains, filing cabinets and queue tickets.

The key to modernising the public services sector and successfully transitioning it into the digital future is the digitalisation of communications and services. Yet many local authorities still have paper-based records and many public institutions are a long way away from completely digitalised public administration services.

Bis zu 40%

Employees are spending up to 40% of their worktime on conventional document filing.

(Source: 2016)

Modern, web-based and user friendly: nscale eGov.

Our nscale eGov application helps you to overcome these challenges with ease. It was designed for public administration based on the robust nscale information platform and ideally meets the needs ot the three main areas of public administration.

Case and process management


Records management


nscale eGov simplifies everyday information, document and process workflows and makes them more transparent. It ensures the flexible and efficient management of files, processes and documents, and facilitates digital process management – from incoming mail to records management and case processing, and from outgoing mail to legally compliant archiving.

nscale eGov is easy to implement, operate and administer – contributing to the success of public sector digitalisation projects.

Your advantages at a glance

  • elimination of information silos
  • regulatory compliance (TR-RESISCAN)
  • central and legally compliant archiving (TR-ESOR)
  • seamless integration into administrative processes
  • interfacing of external information channels
  • multi-site and seamless functionality
  • record and process management
  • workflow transparency
  • straightforward roles and rights concept
  • barrier-free accessibility

Step-by-step to innovative administration.

We start by tackling your biggest challenges with our nscale eGov application. Your electronic records base then grows with you, guaranteeing investment security. eGov can easily be extended at any time because it is based on the robust, reliable and scalable nscale information platform, and we offer a range of flexible price structures.