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Business Partner Record Management

Business Partner Record Management

Our digital solution for your business relationships.

Better organised business contact management.

A successful relationship with business partners is essential to achieving your business objectives. One of those objectives is to sustain long-term relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. The goal is therefore to keep the people who you communicate with on a daily basis and collaborate in projects with happy.

Searching in vain.

Close relationships generate a lot of documents, data and information. Many enterprises don’t find it easy to manage so much information. As a result

- they aren’t able to locate information they need
- information searches are time-consuming
- there’s no way of knowing if a document is the latest version
- appointments and deadlines are missed
- information is stored on different systems

In the worst-case scenario, your staff won’t be able to find information about a specific business transaction, or they might pass on incorrect information. To keep your customer relationships on track, one of your business strategy focuses should be keeping customer information up-to-date and complete.

Our solution is innovative, yet simple.

Digital business partner record management ensures central and structured supplier and order management and optimises all your core business processes. All information about customers, suppliers and orders is stored in one single repository. The solution provides all the necessary structures for the effective management of customers and their projects.

Complete overview of all relevant information.

Your advantages at a glance

  • central archiving and provisioning of all information, irrespective of format and location
  • company-wide, location-independent access
  • fast retrieval of relevant information via index and full text search
  • support in document creation e.g. quotations or orders
  • no multiple data entry in different systems or stand-alone solutions

Key features

  • supplier and customer records with defined structures
  • simple and structured storage in one repository
  • pre-defined rights and roles concept
  • digital workflows for document creation and release
  • effective appointment and contact management
  • contract and project management
  • diverse options for the integration of specialist applications
  • standard solution