Bulding the Information Platform

nscale 7 vecto

Ceyoniq Technology – Building the Information Platform

Information is only ever as valuable as its usefulness in business processes.

Archiving information and making it available again on demand is an important basic function to reasonably expect of a DMS. If you can succeed in getting vital information to the attention of the user at the right place, at the right time, then it can also be used to its full potential for the business process. In turn, this means that it plays an active role in the business process and is not merely stored away in accordance with audit requirements.

This is the most important criterion which we used to align the nscale products and our solutions strategically.

nscale 7 vecto

nscale 7vecto is more than a document management system (DMS), more than an enterprise content management system (ECM), more than just archiving according to legal and audit requirements. Ceyoniq Technology makes information available. Anytime and anywhere. Our solutions combine the core competences of the intelligent information system - flexibly, transparently and in compliance with legal requirements.

In addition to the basic strategic arrangement, the nscale platform provides plenty of space for you to implement your ideas with its open architecture - regardless whether nscale 7vecto is integrated or special applications need to be linked up. The platform is always stable, highly reliable, scalable and can be expanded at any level.

The fact is that important resources go unused in many companies. High costs incur because the required document, a crucial file or decisive information is not available at the right time. Or perhaps it is the attachment in an e-mail that cannot be found, then the laborious process until an important document has then reached the right person.

nscale 7vecto provides:

  • Intelligent information processing
  • DMS, ECM and BPM
  • Link to external systems (SAP, Microsoft Office etc.)
  • Flexible integration into existing system landscapes
  • Expandability of all nscale 7vecto components
  • From filing in accordance with legal requirements to long-term probative value storage in accordance with TR-ESOR
  • etc.

Similarly, solutions are provided for various industries, market segments, as well as government agencies and public administrations that take into account their specific features. The existing processes are optimized perfectly.

To run a business efficiently and successfully, you must be able to synchronize information throughout the company whenever and wherever you need it. However, sometimes information cannot be provided fast enough to the place where it is actually needed the most. This means valuable time is lost. Precisely the time that could make company processes more efficient. The aim is to save time and to use it properly.

Using information directly - at the right time, in a familiar form and environment is the basis for optimized work processes and a requirement for a safe investment in the future of your company. Ceyoniq Technology meets this requirement with the nscale 7vecto information platform.

For more details on the nscale 7vecto information platform, go to our product brochure and the technical inserts.